HalftimeGames.com is on the look for talented game developers!

We are looking for talented game coders / developers, who would like to use HalftimeGames popularity in order to distribute their games and get the recognition they deserve for it!

Under the conditions of an exclusive contract, the game cannot be sold to any other individual, website or company. Also, the game cannot be modified or renamed and then sold on as a “different” game.

When we sponsor your game, we’ll ask you to insert HalftimeGames ’s logo as an intro screen and add one or more links to our site within the game.

You can still submit your game to other websites you want, as long as all copies of the game include the agreed upon HalftimeGames links and logos.

We WILL allow you to leave your name and a link to your portfolio/website in the game as the author. If you take into consideration thousands of visitors we have daily it's great chance for you to keep the recognition you deserve for the hard work you put into your games.

Sponsorship criteria are as follows:
  1. You must be the original owner of the game and own all rights
  2. Game must not have been distributed before (Internet or otherwise)
  3. Game must be exclusive to HalftimeGames
  4. Game must have our logo/intro screen/links to our site
  5. Game must be allowed to be freely distributed across the Internet

If the terms are agreed upon, please send your copy of the game to halftimegames.com at the gmail.com Email address. Please include your pricing you wish for your game. Thank you, and good luck with your Game!